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End of Season Evaluations

10th Grade

End of Season Evals

Core Skills

Catching & Throwing


Coach Notes

Good catching ability both right and left handed. Struggles with his left-handed passing on the run, and could use work with right-handed passing accuracy on the run. - Ben Baker

Over the Shoulder


Coach Notes

Dropped multiple over the shoulder passes with right, and won't catch over the shoulder with his left hand. Both could use a LOT of work - this should be a focus area for you in the offseason. - Ben Baker

Ground Balls


Coach Notes

Ground ball warrior - not afraid to stick his head in there against larger players and D-sticks. Drops hips correctly and explodes well out of ground ball situations to find open space. - Ben Baker

One v One Play


Coach Notes

Very shifty - good left hand to right dodge. Able to protect the ball when getting past defenders in 1 on 1 situations. - Ben Baker

Unsettled Situations


Coach Notes

Seems to struggle to find space when not possessing the ball - this could be improved with some film study and better on-field awareness. Had a specific unsettled situation that was caused by a turnover in the offensive zone, and he clogged up the middle instead of taking a defender away from the goal. - Ben Baker

Team Play


Coach Notes

Great on-field communicator - seems to get along with other coaches and teammates well. Leader on the field with not only his ability. - Ben Baker



Coach Notes

5/5 on attitude - very positive kid to be around. - Ben Baker



Coach Notes

Ed plays a very physical style of lax... very evident in ground ball situations. - Ben Baker