US Youth Soccer ODP



End of Season Evaluation 2019-2020

2005 Boys

End of Season Evaluation 2018-2019

Key Qualities of US Soccer Player

Game Understanding & Decision Making


Coach Notes

Mike has a strong understanding of positional sense going forward but often makes the wrong choices with his runs when a teammate is in an advanced position. Mike should continue to exploit the open space that can drag defenders with him, freeing up space for others. In transitions Mike is quick to recover and drop into position. He is a coach on the field and helps direct others to keep their shape and apply pressure when it's needed. When the ball is won back, often Mike has more time than he realizes. Get your head up and look to choose the right option based on the situation. Sometimes it's best to retain the ball to allow teammates to recover and find their position. - Chris Bowen



Coach Notes

Mike is good in 1v1 situations but doesn't take the lead in dragging players out of position. Mike should look further ahead. What happens if I make this off Asa the ball movement/run? Does this open up space for a teammate which then pulls the defender out of position resulting in space for myself? Mike is pro active throughout the game but could take more initiative in trying to dictate the tempo of the game. - Chris Bowen



Coach Notes

Mike is switched on, attentive and always plays to the whistle. He is quick to recover when the ball is lost and encourages teammates to get back in their shape quickly. Mike has a competitive edge which rubs off on his teammates. - Chris Bowen

Optimal Technical


Coach Notes

Mike is technically strong with both feet with good passing range off of either foot. Even under pressure, Mike has the ability to turn out of trouble and make a pass. For all of his technical ability, Mike should score more goals. Spend time working on different techniques in and around the penalty area. - Chris Bowen

Optimal Physical


Coach Notes

Strong, powerful and quick. Mike is a match for anyone in midfield. His conditioning work outside of training is impressive and this can be seen as he's able to maintain his performance across the entire game. - Chris Bowen
Strong, powerful athlete. Quick off the mark and has great endurance.  - Chris J



Coach Notes

Mike has taken this area of his game seriously. We can see his hard work off the field regarding his fitness and conditioning work. Mike takes feedback on board, is receptive to criticism but also is able to have an honest conversation on what he sees on the field along with his own strengths and weaknesses. Mike has previously flagged that he wants to score more goals and there has been improvement in his shooting ability. Mike is seen as a leader among the group. He is not afraid to speak up and tries to galvanize the team when standards look to drop. - Chris Bowen
Mike understands the impacts of his decisions on the field. Mike is not one to point the finger when things are not going well and is an excellent example to his teammates.  - Chris J




Above Average

Coach Notes

Great talker, motivates team. - Chris Bowen